Sat. Feb 27th, 2021
Better relations between US and China could be good for climate change - FS Stapleton Alliance

FS Stapleton Alliance say better cooperation between China and US could allow the countries to address important issues as Chinese diplomat calls on United States to reset damage bilateral relationship.

Under the administration of former US President Donald Trump, relations between China and the US deteriorated to their lowest point in decades. Since US President Joe Biden has been elected, FS Stapleton Alliance analysts say there has been some hope that the relations between the world’s two largest economies can be repaired.

FS Stapleton Alliance analysts believe improved relations between the US and China could pave the way for cooperation on key issues such as climate change, the coronavirus pandemic and persuading North Korea to give up its nuclear arms.

At a recent forum sponsored by the Chinese foreign ministry, Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi, stated that China is ready to reopen constructive dialogues with the US.

Wang urged the US to lift tariffs on Chinese imports and stop pursuing the suppression of China’s tech sector. Wang claimed that these steps would lay the foundation for cooperation. He added that the US should respect China’s core interests and stop slandering the ruling party.

China and the US have had long lasting tensions on several fronts, including trade and accusations of human rights violations. Analysts at FS Stapleton Alliance say that the Biden administration appears to be more amenable to open communication with China but has promised to maintain pressure on China.

Biden has also pledged to adopt a more multilateral approach to relations with China in the hopes of fostering a situation that will be conducive to working together on issues such as climate change and the issue of North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

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